feather items

each bow tie maybe similar but not exactly the same, due to the nature of the feathers

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 Bow Ties
All feather bowties  £25

A - Pheasant
B - Pheasant

C - Guinea fowl
D - Peacock
E - Guinea fowl

F - Pheasant
G - Pheasant

H - Pheasant
I - Pheasant

J - Pheasant
K - Pheasant
L - Pheasant
M - Partridge
N - Pheasant

O - Pheasant
P - Pheasant
Q - Pheasant
R - Pheasant

S - Pheasant

T - Pheasant

U - Pheasant

V - Pheasant

W - Pheasant
 bow tie and cummberbund sets


Beautiful peacock bow tie
and cummberbund set £40
 are available, prices usually start around £25
 we make bespoke pieces to the customers requirement
 Various brooches and hat pins
 prices from £7.50

.22 Magnum Pin
Beautiful unique hair clip or brooch
 Prices from£5.50

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